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Weekend Madness and the Lag Meter.

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Hello there, Meeroo Parents!

Just a little note to help prevent the loss of meeroos or failed purchases.

On the weekends the secondlife Servers have a Higher Load due to increase in the amount of players connecting to the grid. This means sadly that its higher risk that SL will eat your no copy items when you try to attach or detach them as well as failed delivery of items from vendors.

So on the weekends Please be careful when trying to hold, drop, take, or purchase meeroos as well as other items in secondlife. If you wish to do one of the above things not just with meeroos but with any non copy item or when out shopping be sure to use the built in Lag Meter that most clients have located in the Help menu at the top of your screen.

The Lag Meter displays as so,
Image Hosted by
By allatuaugustus at 2011-06-26

Notice how the Server is red. When the dot is green then everything is fine when it turns yellow or red it will give a possible reason why its red such as Server frame rate dropped below 20. When any of these dots are red then you shouldn't be trying to attach or purchase anything, when they are yellow its risky.

So please take caution any time, but take extra caution on the weekends and I hope this helps prevent the lost of any no copy items or failed purchases for everyone.

Have a great weekend!