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If you haven’t had a chance to get to this years 2014 RFL Summertime Breedables Fair its not to late, just follow the yellow brick road to any of the Second Life SLurls below. Today is also the GRIDWIDE OOAK AUCTION FOR RFL so don’t miss out.

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Oops, my bad, batteries and honey dippers are 50% off !!! Hope to see you all at the party at 12 noon SLT Saturday, May 17th !

Happy Birthday To Roo .. Happy Birthday To Roo ..

Happy Birthday, Dear Rooooooooooooooooos .. Happy birthday To Roo!

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Flowers of red, yellow and blue all on Roo sim waiting for you! Homes and paint sets all brand new, cute ones, funny ones and pretty ones too! So make sure you hop on down to Roo sim and see all of the new Spring Rootastic items made just for you!

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St. RooRick's Ceilidh

Break out the pints, get on your green, search out those clovers .. It's time to Party!!
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Masquerade Love Ball

Time to get those gowns, suits and Mask's out for our Masquerade Love Ball!
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Party time everyone! We know it's after the New Year but we figured with everyone's busy schedule we'd give you time to settle in before we throw our big 50's themed New Year's party!

In the past several days, we have had an enormous amount of tickets from people not getting the drop option when wanting to drop a meeroo. At this time, we are asking you to notify LL of these problems, so that they will do something about it.


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