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Click to enlargeSAVE THE DATES!


** Dec. 17th - Dec. 18th! **

So make sure to mark your calendars and save up those lindens!

Spread the word!

And Happy Holidays from all of us at Meeroos!

WOW! Can you believe 10 yrs already? We sure can't!

To celebrate we're having a PARTY of course!
Make sure to mark the date as it's a special one!

Sunday July 11th 12noon SLT - 2pm SLT on Roo sim!
Lots of fun and our fabulous DJ Val will again be joining us to celebrate!! LET'S PARTY!!
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Love, Death, Glamor, food, great tunes with DJ Val and of course FUN!
All of beYou and Meeroos are welcome! And bring some of your friends to join!

Ball attire and masks are requested

Sunday February 23rd 12pm SLT - 2pm SLT


Click to enlargeThe tides are rushing in and the sea creatures have come to life for a very special Day! The Meeroos 8th Birthday of course!

Contest for best in
Underwater / swimwear - G rated please.

Goodies as always for celebrating with us! And great tunes with our awesome DJ Val!

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This seasonal super cute food will :

* Pets your Meeroos for love

* You have a chance to win bonus prizes!

This food and prizes are ONLY available for the month of February!

So hurry hurry!!

* Lots of love goodies out on Roo sim as well.

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As everyone is working hard on their easels and painting for their Wind nest, we wanted to let everyone know there is a LIMIT on wind nests you can receive.

The limit on the Wind nests is TWO.

You will not be able to receive anymore than TWO wind nests.

We're letting you all know so you don't proceed with a third and then lose assets as we won't be replacing those since we are letting you know officially, there will only be TWO nests given.

Have fun!

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Snow is sparkling, the New Year is upon us and it's time to celebrate! Great tunes, great friends, goodies and don't forget to dress up in that formal wear in Silver/White for our contest!

Meeroos Winter Ball:

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The Grave keeper has asked of you to go on a quest.
Do you dare to take this on. Rummaging through these dirty, nasty, decomposed graves in search of something he seeks.

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These games are sure to keep you busy!

Lots to do, craft, mine, grow and such! So be ready to work for that awesome prize in the end!

** The games are completely optional. They are merely for entertainment and enjoyment! They in no way will enhance your Meeroos.


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