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Hi guys! I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience many of you experienced tonight with Roos down once again. Unfortunately, it was discovered that invisible vendors had once again been rezzed over our own in an effort to intercept payment - and at the same time, over 300 prims were rezzed each containing over 300 scripts each. This crashed the region multiple times.

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Orlex and the Future

Orlex is coming.

But who or what is Orlex? One clever blogger unearthed what appears to be a hidden hint in some of our earliest relics. See what you think.

We've scoured the pages of the anthropologists journals and found no reference, but we believe it's certainly going to change everything once all is revealed.

Hello, everyone! Happy Sunday!

I wanted to quickly address some issues some have had with the Singing Stones.

Originally, The Singing Stones were intended to rely on one of the dryads being in the vicinity to activate this. Unfortunately, we has promised you guys the stones this weekend, and we worked late into the night squishing some last minute bugs from testing. I left a blog post last evening to reassure you that we would honor our promise to have them out last night.

In just a few moments. But I wanted to take this opportunity to go over a few things with you!

The singing stones are 7 living Stones raised by the Oracle to honor the Legendaries, just after she created the Dryads.

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A Quick Schematic Fix

Even the best schematics can come with a bug in it's mechanism! The Pet-O-Matic is no exception. We found a slight issue that needs repaired, which will require a couple steps on your part!

If you currently own the Pet-O-Matic that has charges (Pets) left in it's battery, don't fret! Keep on using it until it's out of power and then obtain a new Free Pet-O-Matic. This way you won't lose any petting charges left on your battery.

Hi everyone! I have a few tidbits of info I'd like to add regarding the Pet-O-Matic! We've gotten some questions and these answers may help clarify!

The Autopetter doesn't have the standard 10 Meter range. It will pet every Meeroo within 10 Meters from the center point in every direction. So it reaches 10 meters to the north, 10 meters to the South, 10 Meters to the East and 10 Meters to the West. Ultimately that 20x20 radius.

Researchers exploring the South Pacific Island have stumbled upon a unique page of the Anthropologists Diary. It seems to be a schematic, detailing the usage of common materials washed ashore by shipwrecks. Apparently, he understood that Meeroos were affectionate beings and enjoyed being pet, but often times, the task was too tasky! So the clever Anthropologist created his own Pet-O-Matic!

The issue he seemed to have the most problem with on the deserted island was, quite unexpectedly, power. Without power to automate the gears, it wouldn't budge!

The last couple of days have been pretty eye-opening here for us at Malevay Studios. We certainly expected some to be unhappy that we were taking a stance on the content stolen from us and how it was being used, but we were genuinely surprised to see the responses. We've heard everything from "You killed your game" and "It's all your fault," to cheers and applause for taking a stand against theft. It's been quite a roller coaster! We knew people enjoyed the opportunity to break the tedium of petting. Petting, it must be stated, was never intended to be a massive chore. It was an option.

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Auto Petter Update FAQ

A lot of you have had questions and we've been reading! Thank you for taking the time to offer us feedback and share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. I'm including this FAQ to elucidate on some of the statements made.

QUESTION: Are you banning the auto-petter because you didn't make yours first?

Beginning with the arrival of a new EULA on Monday, Auto-Petters are being deemed illegal content. The topic of the Autopetter (Which was created distinctly as a griefer device aimed at impacting our game) has caused significant development headaches. We understand many of you think the device is harmless, or even an asset to your game.


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