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Over the past 12 hours, we've been notified of an uncomfortable amount of non-deliveries of products (Not just ours!) and items disappearing when picked up, attached or dropped. Apparently, unbeknownst to us, this has been an ongoing issue in Second Life for roughly the past week.

You'll be able to start your own Meeroo Family today starting at 2pm PST (SLT) 5pm EST.

We have two Official Stores in Second Life™ located here:

Both regions are closed until that time. You will notice something very different at one of the stores... perhaps a harbinger of things to come. It certainly means something, that's for sure!

Today was a hugely successful launch for us. Our servers performed flawlessly and we didn't experience a single service failure or disruption. Levio's tireless work slaving over the delivery system has paid off.

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Open Beta Gift

There seems to be a lot of confusion over this topic, I guess in part because it was announced at the same time at the same time as a few other items... So I wanted to leave a quick blog to try to clear things up.

While Kirsten's Viewer is really cool and even *I* am anxious to see the new splash screen on May 20th will be, this has nothing to do with the Open Beta Gift Catherine promised. NOTHING, capiche?

Our lovely Tox gives a quick and easy demonstration of what to do when you get your preorder boxes delivered tomorrow!

We here at Malevay Studios have quite a few busy days ahead of us as we move toward our Launch dates. But, before we get there, I want to clarify a couple of things just so there is no confusion on the rules. I need this information to be as transparent as possible so there is no confusion or upset later on.

Now that I've had a chance to take care of so many things on my plate today, I didn't want to go to sleep without coming here to blog a little more in detail - and a little more personally, about the Open Beta experience.

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The Time Has Come...

The Meeroos Pre-Order Launch will be releasing officially on:

Wednesday, May 18th beginning @ 2pm SLT


The official public launch will occur on:

Saturday, May 21st @ 2pm SLT at both Meeroos Store locations:

Haute Couture:


If you have Pre-ordered, you will get your Official Meeroos release packaged with your gifts on Wednesday, May 18th. Your Pre-Order Trunk will be delivered to you automatically.

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Dev Blog

Been awhile since I've done one of these, so grab sum coffee and come listen...

Moved onto some really sweet new servers, with more CPU than I know what to do with atm, but we should be good to go for exponential growth!

Web site was migrated over as well, this was actually the trickiest part of all, with so many moving parts. The good news is, all the issues should be resolved now, emails should be going out, etc.


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