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A very special Meeroos Closed Beta FAQ! Hopefully this will answer some of the most asked questions!

Q. When does closed Beta begin?
A: Friday March 18th.

Q. How do I become a closed beta participant?

On Friday, March 18th, Malevay Studios will unveil The Wonderful World of Meeroos for Closed Beta participants. All members of the Wonderful World of Meeroos and the Wonderful World of Meeroos - Silent, who possess the Veteran tag will have access to the Closed Beta package available at the store in Twas, starting on that date.

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Dev Blog

ZOMG.. What a week it was!!! (more)

If you hadn't noticed, I've been online in SL 24/7 for the last week, trying to knock out these scripts. I'm really happy with where things are right now. We actually got to do some polishing and adding some cool things just for fun, instead of just tracking down one bug after another. And trust me, I did TONS of just that too.

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What Could It Mean?

A cup of Tea...

A whale.

A riddle was posed to our Wonderful World Of Meeroos group members tonight. What could it mean?

The answer is in the size. A teacup = Small, delicate, diminutive. A whale = Giant, robust and strong!

Thats right... we've just revealed yet another breedable trait with your Meeroos. Like all creatures, Meeroos also come in sizes Great and Small. You can, with notable efforts, breed tiny teacup Meeroos that never grow at all, or you can breed Gentle giants that literally dwarf the average Meeroo!

It was a distinct pleasure of ours to have been asked by the lovely people at Best Of Second Life Magazine to feature the Meeroos on their March 2011 cover. The staff, including Mr. Frolic Mills, were genuinely thoughtful and considerate. We're grateful to have been extended the invitation to participate... (more)

We've had a few meetings over the last month in an effort to prioritize and effectively delegate our features duties. We've decided that it would be more prudent of us to save a couple of our more complex features for an update - after release.

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Dev Blog

Well haven't had a dev blog post in awhile, but never fear, it's not because I haven't done anything, it's because I've been too busy!!! (more)

As we continue to toil away beneath the hood of the World Of Meeroos, we're really excited to share with you the brand new World Of Meeroos Store! Our own amazing artist, Chimeric, has created some amazing original Meeroos illustrations that are now featured on everything from T-Shirts, sweaters, mouse pads and coffee mugs! Now you can take a Meeroo with you wherever you go, in real life! ...(More)

It's a fantastic way to show your Meeroo love! There's a special coming up from Feb 24-27th where you get some phenomenal savings!

What an exciting week this has been for The Meeroos and the team behind them! Most importantly, I hope you caught our dear scripter Levio on the Frolic Mills show on MBC this afternoon discussing Meeroos! I know some of you have commented on frustrations with his inability to say much at this time. I would love to, as the delightful Mr. Mill put it himself "Throw you a bone," and so would Levio! Let me just quickly address why there was a bit of ambiguity in the interview, and hopefully ease some of your concerns with that.

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Metaverse TV Show

Earlier today Frolic Mills graciously asked the team to be on his live show at Metaverse TV today. Unfortunately with the short notice, Chim and Catherine were unable to attend, so it was just me dishing out the scoop on our little furry friends.

I had a great time, Frolic asked many questions, some more than I wanted to give away, but there are probably several important Meeroo issues I discussed that have never been brought up before.


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