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Community Vote

Click to enlargeDear Community,

Click to enlargeI see you all have been working hard, a community as close and tight knit as this, I knew you could work together. I had no doubt really, that you all could pull this off …… that is why I come to you. I keep getting messages daily…. I am not sure yet from who though. I really don’t know what to make of most of it. So I need to ask for more help.

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Double, double toil and trouble
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

By the moon we gather here,
to celebrate this time of year.

When pigbat's fly, and the dead arise,
the roombies moan with glowing eyes.

We gather 'round the oracle's light,
telling scary roo stories that give a fright.

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Let The Games Begin

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Explore and discover
Hidden secrets to uncover.

Find a treasure or maybe two,
You will find them all at Roo.

Community don’t work alone
Come find a part of stone,

From Candy Corn or broken bits,
Find a way to make it fit……

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Come out from behind the shadows and show us your supernatural ghastly talents!!! Come to the ROO sim and make sure to grab the rules from the poster as
**the completion dates differ from the pumpkin carving contest.
Let your imagination run away with you !!!

Happy Creating!!

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This is going to be SPOOKTACULAR !!! Come to the ROO sim and grab the rules from the poster. Be safe when carving but let your imagination run away with you !!!

Have fun !

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How would you like to win 2 hours with the infamous Levio (Tiger) Serenity. Just think of all the questions you could ask him and possibly get some inside information (winks).


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