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One Final Phase and Meeroos Whisked Away

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We've been aggregating all of your feedback and information over the last few weeks in order to complete one last BIG update to improve the Meeroos experience! We also decided to take one great big step toward safety and simulate another "Launch Condition" scenario to test the brand new servers we've just upgraded too.

Of course, this was our plan for Monday, after the weekend, as we know many of you just had babies and don't want to part with your beloved beta Meeroos, however, in preparation, we left on our "Beta End!" switch that told the database to set Meeroos to the wild beginning today. Many people coming online today will find that their Meeroos have all returned to the wild with their families. Some of you even watched, in a panic, as this occurred.

I'll be completely honest with you, this was our mistake. Please note, it was NOT our intention for it to happen this way, and we deeply apologize for the suddenness of it. We understand how shocking and confusing it was for many of you Meeroo Parents. Although our intention was to have them vanish to the wild, we wanted to provide you adequate time to say your good-byes and prepare for the inevitable.

But as with all Beta issues, there is a silver lining! This has expedited our plans, and new beta trunks will be delivered on Monday with some valuable changes.

* The Seasons displaying ---- has been being removed and replaced with text better indicating a Meeroo's status.

* Breeding time has been shortened once again. They'll be mature at 5 days old, and will have entered their first season by 7 days old.

* Fix for Fellowship set Meeroos who are hopping around stumps set to fellowship stumps belonging to another member. "Home hoppers" as i like to call them!

* No more spam! Every time a region would restart all the Meeroos would IM or email their offline owner to say they're going for a wander! We've reduced how often Meeroos contact a user.

* Meeroos petting distance increased! No more having to chase!

These are fixes we wanted in before the Beta ended to adequately test.

So, all of you new testers can expect a new trunk on Monday, with improved Meeroos. Don't worry!

Your Fellowships will stay in tact!
Your Regard will stay in tact!

We want everyone to unpack and coax baby Meeroos from nests like crazy to really give the new servers a workout.

We thank you for your patience, and your understanding and once again extend our apologies for the unexpetedness of the "Meeroos gone Wild."


Here are some questions people have been asking.

Q: What about the Meeroos I picked up or are in my inventory?

A: You can hold onto them until Monday if you wish, but we do not guarantee that the new server codebase will adapt them, and their switch may initiate anyway. You can try to keep what you've picked up by placing them back down on Monday, but no promises.

Q: What about this nest I didn't coax yet?

A: Hang onto that nest until Monday. Please refrain from coaxing any new babies from nests until Monday!

Q: What about my stumps and food? Do I need to pick them up?

A. No, your stumps and food will be just fine!

Q: The CSR's told us to pick them up in a panic! why?

A: The CSR's had no idea this was going to happen so unexpectedly. It shocked them (and us!) as much as it did our customers. Their instinctive reaction was to try to save the Meeroos from running away.