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The Beta Meeroo Return.... Tonight

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... for one last big encore!

Your Meeroos will be delivered just after 8pm SLT. Here's what we want to see happen to properly stress test the new servers!

8:00pm SLT you can attach your new HUD and collect any HUD update that is available.

8:20pm SLT We will send out Chests as quickly as possible.

Begin unpacking your Chest as quickly as possible! (Remember, do not open the contents and extract to inventory, you'll break it!) Simply click on the Chest and unpack it from the dropdown menu that appears.

We want you all to unpack your Meeroos as simultaneously as possible, so we're releasing them at peak time when concurrency in Second Life™ is highest!

Now for what has been changed!

* Meeroos now deliver their vital traits statistics in Local chat. To do this, you much click on a Meeroo and hold your left mouse button down for 3 seconds on the Meeroo you want to read stats on!

* Petting distance has been increased to 3 meters.

* Seasons are now more self explanatory, as are the states of the breeding cycle. No more seeing "-----."

* Breeding time has been shortened once again. They'll be mature at 5 days old, and will have entered their first season by 7 days old.

* Fix for Fellowship Mode Meeroos who are hopping around stumps set to fellowship stumps belonging to another member. "Home hoppers" as we like to call them!

* No more spam! Every time a region would restart all the Meeroos would IM or email their offline owner to say they're going for a wander! We've reduced how often Meeroos contact a user. We know how annoying it is!

I can share with you briefly a couple things we're working on.

A Mute button for HUD sounds.
A Redesign of the way you engage the Oracle.
Alternative sized HUDS for multiple UI Sizes.
Tiny Animations
Hovertext toggle on/off button on Meeroos

And much, much more! One step at a time, we're getting there. Hopefully this will be our final week in Beta if things go well! Remember to send us your feedback in the forums! We love to hear from you, and as you can se by the change-log, we do listen!