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Information on the Status of Meeroos

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So, we were all geared up for last night, we play the diligent role of Santa Claus and checked our list once, then twice. Some things you simply can't anticipate until you test with a large audience, and that's when the flaws are revealed.

For us, it was the Firewall on the servers which reacted to the barrage of activity by denying service under the belief it was under a malicious attack. It's a safeguard in every secure system, to ensure that the data is preserved under a threat. That's why so many of you experienced issues last night.

Right now, we're actively looking under the hood to make the necessary adjustments so security is not compromised, but to also ensure that it is not behaving with unnecessary force either. We need the firewall to know what to expect under these conditions, and when a reaction such as a denial is appropriate, and when it is not.

Much of our staff worked well into the wee small hours of the morning to keep you informed and to provide as much information as possible. We suspended the delivery of trunks temporarily to reduce the number of player experiencing this specific issue and will resume deliveries once we are confidant they are fixed.

We know Beta can introduce some frustrating situations. Many of you have been diligent testers and provided us valuable feedback and offered continued support. There are some who may not have Beta experience, or possess little awareness of what the purpose of this phase is, and while they can be reactionary and say callous things on the forums or in chat groups, I'd encourage those of you who possess the knowledgeable criteria of a Beta test to treat them with kindness, and inform rather than inflame. They just want to play with Meeroos and from their perspective, we're making it hard for them to do that. Many people have never participated in a Beta before and they didn't know what to expect.

Every hardship we endure or rough terrain we cross means another issue we've solved to make sure that our Official Launch is seamless and your experience remains undisrupted. That is our responsibility to you, and our commitment to serving you.

I'll be posting again later this afternoon as we further examine our status. Thanks again for being such a great community!