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And we're off! Here's what has happened!

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Tonight was an overwhelming success.

We delivered over 2500 chests from the database flawlessly.

The only bug we discovered was the server still registering some folks as having a previously rezzed Beta Chest and auto deleting their new one. We simply redelivered these manually.

Many issues that came in regarding broken nests were actually nests from last night belonging to players who did not delete their content from nights attempt. We also had people complaining their home stumps were broken - on investigation these were stumps from last night that, again, were not deleted. Many couldn't access chat to get those directions.

So, ultimately we had no game stopping issues. This release was one we hope most closely ill simulate launch. We irradiated many bugs in the process.

If you see someone saying that their things aren't working, please remind them that we aren't supporting content delivered last night that was broken. We're only supporting content delivered this evening. We can't replace broken nests from last night, or stumps, or trunks. This was a complete do over, and the content from this release was much more reliable. The old content from last night that isn't working should be deleted.

Please don't contact a CSR regarding content from last night; that includes nests, trunks and stumps. We must focus solely on content from tonight's beta release.

If you haven't gotten your new trunk yet or if it has "poofed" please contact a CSR for redelivery. They will check to make sure you don't have one currently rezzed and then manually redeliver you one.


Many of you lost fellowships and/or Regard. The bad news is that it was reset within the database when our Firewall had issues. We cannot restore your points or fellowship.

The good news is that it was reset from the database when our firewall presented issues, it revealed a bug that we have fixed, and we are now actively recording and timestamping you progress individually so if anything like this were to happen in LIVE, we can simply restore your points and status in the game with no data lost.

Thank you all for your patience. This was a milestone for us!