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Tidbit from Malevey Studios Team

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

I did promise a blog post when we heard back from the Lindens and here it is.... they have told us it will need to be adjusted on our here we are continuing to do our testing so that we can find a solution to this issue that seems to be effecting some of the community with the breeding of the meeroos. This, i will be honest with you, is holding up some of the nocturnal process since this is our top priority.

Nocturnals are in the testing phase, and beta will follow shortly after.

As was mentioned in the Q & A, there will be a script update prior to the pre-sales of the nocturnal starters. Levio is currently getting that all in place as well as we are dilegently working on the nest issue that some are experiencing.

As you know, there are many different employees that make up the Malevay Studios team. The person responsible for bringing you the wonderful side story from the fairy lore, happens to be one of our wonderful CSRs that chooses to remain anonymous. This CSR, in no way, by writing this lore, effects the production of the nocturnals.

Trust me when i say, that no one wants the nocturnals to be ready more than WE do.

We truly thank you ALL from the bottom of our hearts for being so patient with us while we continue to make the best breedable in all of SL.

thank you,

The Malevay Studios Team....