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Last Reminder for Video Contest

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Mewroo and I teamed up to make our own video to remind everyone to get those entries in soooooon. I know making a video can be a lot of work, so that's why we made the $$$$ prizes so large, to help motivate you! We haven't exactly been swamped with millions of entries, so if you enter something, lets just say you have a pretty good chance of walking away very happy. :-D

Deadline is MIDNIGHT SLT on the 16th, so time is running out. If you've been procrastinating, now is the time to put your little noses to the grindstone!

Don't know how to record a video? Let me nudge you in the right direction with a link to FREE version of Fraps It's really simple to use, I promise. Want to add a cool title or a soundtrack? Here is a link to FREE Windows Movie Maker

And if you forgot, here are the official contest rules.

But of course, most of all, have fun!