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Roo Sim Reopened For Birthday Celebrations!!!

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Meeroos 2nd Birthday Celebrations!!

OMG, we've been so crazy busy lately with juggling a million things at once! It's like I've fallen down a rabbit hole and gone mad or something!

First, a HUGE thank you and piles of hugs to all our amazing players both new and old for supporting us and making a second birthday for Meeroos possible!!! It's been a truly magical journey and we appreciate how much love and care you've shown all your roos!

I have to fess up, we had some scheduling issues with our lore, we were hoping that we would have posted all the lore we had written and had the story progressed far enough along to explain Ambroosia, which I'm sure you are all now curious about! So while you're still in the dark as to where Ambroosia comes from, we wanted to get it out on sale as part of our birthday weekend.

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Ambroosia is a new premium food that can be eaten by any meeroo, diurnal and nocturnal. Even for any as yet undiscovered species. The only meeroo that won't eat Ambroosia, are your Mee-pets. They will still only eat the honey. Ambroosia is being offered on sale 20% off for our birthday and then will go back to it's normal price. This food is 100% optional and has absolutely no effect on breeding meeroos and is offered as purely a convenience for players with many different species.

Also, I have literally lost count of all the new holiday themed homes, costumes, plants, statues, decorations we just set out for sale. My head is spinning and I'm going to have to stop for some tea soon. Plus there is still more stuff we're tying up loose ends on and we will put out over the next couple of days.

As far as official party times, these will be announced in a blog post tomorrow. We have all the video entries and we'll be trying to watch them all tomorrow, so we can announce a winner soon. I'm thinking perhaps we can do this live at one of the parties. We are very excited after sneaking a peek at a few of them!!!

See you at the parties!


ps. oh yea.. curious players may find a sneak peak of an upcoming product out on display.. : )