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Mesh Genetic Trees V1.1 Update is out!

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Thanks to everyone who sent in suggestions and your amazing CSRs who just spent the last couple of days testing, we just released the V1.1 update to the trees.

Press "Update" on any existing tree you have rezzed out, and you should get a new V1.1 tree from our update server.

V1.1 Changes

Added Auto Open On/Off options so tree won’t open when a new roo is selected

Added Public Touch On/Off options to stop people at auctions from changing trees

Moved list of configuration options under a new Options.. menu

AutoLock is on by default.

Nest/Live roo detection range lowered from 20m down to 1m

Pressing Close on the menu will remove the lineage display if currently shown.

Fixed maximum number of highlighted panels

Marking highlights on the base board automatically marks up the tree

Clear All highlights on base clears the lineage tree as well.

Highlighting is temporarily disabled during browse mode.

Highlight colors saturation increased.

Added a new “Micro” size option to make the tree even smaller than Tiny

Changing to a different meeroo will clear out all previous highlights.