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Support Transition and Expanded Policy - Please read

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As the company grows and evolves, it's necessary to make changes for the good of the staff and the community. Some of these changes happen a little late in the game but we realize that they are inevitably necessary. We learn as we go along and we find better ways of doing things. That's what has happened.

Starting immediately we are expanding our policy on support and procedures. Up until now, we've maintained a very casual support system. We've see someone yell in chat for a CSR to contact them, and we would. We'd be able to run and handle someones issue immediately when they needed assistance, unfortunate we can no longer approach support so informally, and for the sake of our staff and our customers, we are changing the communication avenues.


The first thing a player should do if they experience a loss or have a problem with a Meeroos product is submit a ticket.

Tickets have become the most effective way for us to resolve customer needs and track them as well. Previously, we had been communicating via a chat channel and informing each other when we resolve a customer ticket. We were a bit smaller back then and we hadn't yet grown into our new skin. We were still the old Ma & Pa shop down the block, and we are committed to still providing that kind of quality care to our customers, but to do that we must re-route our communication channels.

When someone would Instant Message a Custoemr Support Rep for help previously, we would respond to their issue. That meant someone else who had submitted a ticket 5 hours before had just had another player "cut in line" to be served first. Because we kept treating people in world personally, that developed a backlog of tickets from people who shouldn't have had to wait that long to have a resolution. Therefore we didn't meet our ticket quota last week. We can't allow that to happen again, far far exceeded the number of unresolved tickets in our database, and that is unacceptable to me. With this realization, I knew it was time to change our game plan when tackling support issues.

Please continue to use the Support chat, many questions can be answered by fellow players. We have a phenomenal community of players eager to help newer users. We also provide video tutorials and a gameplay manual.

For issues that need direct communication with a CSR, a ticket is the way to go because I have instructed the bulk of our staff to maintain a heavier presence there, rather than in world watching chat for someone to say "I need a CSR" or working their way down a line of dozens of instant messages, many times, from people who had submitted a ticket 3 minutes before hand. This meant two or three different CSRs were having their time consumed by answering the very same trouble call, pr a previously resolved call, at the same time, essentially doubling up. It wasn't as organized or coherent as we'd like. It was causing them undue stress and making their job much more difficult and confusing. For our customers, it mean longer wait times and an exponentially growing waiting list.


Now, onto our Policy changes.

We are implementing a ZERO tolerance policy on abuse of our staff members. Having a technical issues, being frustrated and feeling that it's okay to express that is one thing, but calling our CSRs names, threatening them or their families with violence, being abusive, harassing or exhibiting behavior that would get you thrown out of or banned from a real world establishment will result in being banned from the Meeroos game permanently. I can't begin to express my sadness over the necessity of imposing this new policy, but I'm even more disheartened that it is necessary for the safety, comfort and continued effectiveness of our customer support team. As much as it is my responsibility to protect our customers, it is as much my responsibility to protect our employees from excessive brutality. They have an incredibly difficult job, work tireless hours and are extremely dedicated to the Meeroos community and to sit back and to allow them to be attacked mercilessly would be pure negligence on my part. Please be courteous to our Staff, they are on your side and they want to help you.

We have transitioned some of our CSRs to "Work Accounts." These are accounts that will be doing active support when online, usually responding to tickets! There are significant name changes and they've been instructed to cease their Meeroo related duties using their personal characters and only work from a designated "work account." They experienced far too much cross-over communication and couldn't actually stop doing their job to have free time, despite being off duty, because the instant messages would never stop. This is now a full list of our CSR Staff:

CleverMeeroos Resident
Eos Constantine
KenzieK Resident

Do not IM anyone whose name is not on this list for support, as that avatar is not a support provider and will not respond to trouble calls.


Forums have been disabled as we did not have the man power to keep them moderated.

Thank you all for your continues patience. Everything is a learning experience for us, and we're determined to get it perfect so we can provide you the kind of service you have the right to expect.