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World of Meeroos SILENT Group in SL

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If you just want official meeroo notices only from the staff, there is a new group in SL called "Wonderful World of Meeroos - Silent"  This group has NO chat, so you won't get to know everyone else, but we know different strokes for different folks!

VETERANS - DO NOT LEAVE THE EXISTING GROUP !!!!  If you leave the group and lose your tag, we will not have a way to verify you were a veteran.  This is the one and only way we have to verify you joined us in time to qualify for closed beta, so don't leave the original group!!!!

Also FYI,
"Wonderful World of Meeroos" and "Wonderful World of Meeroos - Silent" are the ONLY two official meeroo groups, any other groups are made by 3rd parties and have no special arrangements with us, despite anything you might have heard from these groups.

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