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Community Spotlight! Fos Dagger!

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Fos Dagger is the first player to find themselves in the community spotlight!

Fos is a die-hard Meeroo Parent who has documented his efforts on his blog:

We've avid Readers of Fos's (And many others) blog, and we're increasing surprised at just how close Fos is to understanding so much, including our generational timeline! Complete with beautiful pictures and interesting thought streams, the immensely talented Fos shares his speculations on everything from breeding to marketplace activity.

The posts are well worth the read and we'd like to see more interaction there, as you explore the game and contemplate the possibilities along with Fos!

Thank you, Fos, for your wonderful work! You've got a special gift on the way just for sharing, so keep an eye peeled!

Go over and say hello to Fos here: