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Fellowship Improvement

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Today we're launching a small improvement to the Fellowship structure. It is now possible to remove a player from a fellowship. Please read below so you know how it works!

Removing Players from Fellowships

Fellowship founders who bring up their fellowship's web page will see a new dialog!

At the bottom of the player listing is an option that will let them remove a player from their fellowship.

We cannot tell you how to conduct your affairs, but I would *highly* recommend being diplomatic and considerate to your fellow players with this functionality. There is a very real possibility of hurt feelings over this matter. Please take note: We do not get involved in personal disputes between players. Do NOT submit a ticket if you've been removed from a fellowship. If you feel it is an unjust decision, please talk to the founder. Do not submit a ticket regarding disputes. We cannot resolve them.

Players who have been removed will not get any notice, their HUD will be cleared of fellowship information the next time it updates/is reattached. So it is up to you to let them know in game about your decision on this matter, hopefully prior to their removal.

The next time the fellowship rankings are recalculated, their points will be deducted from your fellowship's total!

IMPORTANT: All of a player's fellowshipped belongings, including food/Meeroos/stumps will continue to remain in your fellowship until their owner manually toggles them off. You may want to arrange for them to pick up all of their belongings and take them out of fellowship mode before their removal. Again, remember we cannot resolve personal dispute over removal or return of objects - OR if you forget to toggle off the fellowship option on your food and someones Meeroo continues eating your food!

This is the first of many option to come as we expand fellowship tools and continue to improve your experience.