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How to Speed up your Support Ticket!

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The customer support staff have been thinking about ways to help you all get a quicker and more efficient service when you need our help. For us to help you, you need to help us, so here's a list of the top 10 Tips for you to follow when filing a ticket for CSR support that will help things go quicker and smoother for all!

1) If you're looking to have a Meeroo whistled home, please be sure to provide the Meeroo's Name &/or ID#. That's all that's needed, no hassle of parent information necessary! (Please keep in mind that a CSR will not replace a Meeroo that ran back to the wild because it got too hungry, or released as a nest or as a live Meeroo).

2) If you need a Meeroo returned, make sure that you have a stump down that's in your name. There must be a stump available that's the same owner of the Meeroo for them to attach to when they're called home. Once the Meeroo's on the owner's stump with fully loaded animations it can be moved to any other stump you want (fellowships, ect).

3) Please be sure that your Stumps are set to the same group as the Land. When we whistle home a Meeroo it's returned in your name, and the stump being set to the land group will help prevent any issues with Second Life's permission system.

4) Do not fill out tickets for other people, please! Have them do it themselves because we need to look up their data base list of Meeroos. While 'my bff/girlfriend/fellowship friend' tickets are kind of you to do, it doesn't allow us to get the correct information to get the issue resolved.

5) If you need a CSR to help with a Nest be SURE to include the Nest's ID# in your ticket. If you're no longer getting an ID# on the hover text and no menu comes up when you click the nest, you can locate the ID# on the 'name' line of the edit menu's General tab.

6) If you need a CSR's assistance with replacements of Meeroos or Nests, be aware that we must come to your land and physically be within range of a stump owned by you to use our magic whistles. This means Ban Lines, Security Orbs, Group Locked Lands, and anything else that would restrict us from getting to your stump while you're offline will stop us from being able to help you until you're Online or give us access.

7) If you're having issues with Personality Compatible Meeroos not showing as compatible on your stumps, check their parent information before filing a ticket. Children will not mate back to their parents, nor will siblings or half-siblings mate to one another. If they don't fall into these restricted family mating rules, then file a ticket for help.

8) If you have Meeroos in more than one location, please include a SLURL in your ticket to where your issue needs to be addressed. Us locating one of your stumps to assist you becomes next to impossible if you've Meeroos scattered across several Sims.

9) Before assuming your Meeroo is really gone, please be sure to use the 'find' function on your stump and use your camera to check all around well. Look In floors, under objects, overhead, ect before filing a ticket.

10) Please, please, pretty please be patient! Do not file extra tickets for the same issue, but please do check back on your tickets regularly. If a CSR needs more information from you it will be asked there. Also, if you have more details to give or an addition issue, it can be added to an already open ticket.