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game status and updates!

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Greetings everyone! It's been awhile since my last update so it's time to catch you up on our ongoings at the studio!

First some dev notes straight from the dev desk:

*We were not happy with how we had balanced regard bonuses. Players were not seeing a visible enough reward for their time and efforts in breeding. We are not happy with how few new discoveries have been made by players given the amount of time that has passed since launch. We have significantly increased the bonus regard rewards a player and a meeroo that allows it the chance to reach further back in their genetic timeline. While we wanted it to be hard, we didn't want it to be as difficult as it has proven to be.

We are implementing all new oracle questions. These will be phased in regularly over time while old ones are removed. From now on they will be updated regularly so they will constantly be changing.

The Meepet option is on the way. The MeePet option allows you to transition a Meeroo into a non-breeding pet that is free to keep. It will need to eat honey to thrive, and honey will be made available from the main stores for free. All yo will have to purchase is the honey dipper. This honey dipper has a one time use and will only work on one Meeroo of your choosing. You can purchase multiple ones to transform as many Meeroos into MeePets as you like. Just remember, while they are free to maintain, they will not breed and they cannot be transitioned back from a pet.

Many people have thought that the number of "Undiscovered" traits listed in their Tome represented the complete number of traits traits to be discovered. This is not true. We capped the amount of discoverable items during open beta and did not update the Tome listings to reflect the amount to be discovered. For those of you who think you've found all the eyes that are to be rooted from the length genetic history of the Mee-Kind, I'm sorry to say you were "vividly" mistaken. Keep discovering.

Many have notice the incremental decay in the state of the region Haute Couture, where one of our mainstores is located. A serious of earth tremors has taken it's toll on our building and continues to do so. The positive result of this has been the unearthing of Ancient Ruins depicting stone carved Meeroos indicating they were once a part of a very sophisticated culture. These sculpture have captured moment in time from an era long gone. They are currently for sale for a limited time as we will place them in our preservation vault in 60 days. They will not be available after the 60 day period.

Haute couture is undergoing a name change. In the coming days it will simply be called "Roo," I am told by the owner. The owners have established a secondary marketplace on the region, but please note, Malevay Studios does not own or operate any third party marketplace. This was a decision made independently by the region owner. The region does not belong to us- we are tenants, just as with Twas, which also has it's own marketplace. Again, these are independently owned and operated by the region owners. Please do not contact any of our CSR's for support regarding rentals, auctions or reservations. Please contact the owners of the marketplaces for inquiries as Malevay studios is unaffiliated. Your landmarks will still work.

I will update tomorrow with a new community spotlight!