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The Primbie Bird soon to arrive

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"The Primbie Bird Flew to and fro
eyes to the ground
looking for glow.
The Primbie Bird hunted best
close to the ground
far from her nest.
The Primbie Birds loved nothing more
than to sing with joy
from the forest floor."
-Poem from the Anthropologists journal.

This ink had all but vanished, worn with time. It took considerable efforts to decipher some broken text on the back on page 225 of the Anthropologists Journal, but thanks to some dedicated eyes, we were able to determine what it said.

Interestingly enough, the Primbie Bird was once believed to be extinct, but like many things on the Anthropologists unique Island, there it appears to have thrived in great numbers. In fact, in great flocks!

From what we gathered from our studies of the texts, these birds were unusually friendly, perhaps too unfamiliar with humans to be afraid. So, these small, robust little fellows made conducted many activities around the Anthropologist and his Meeroos. He writes the following;

"The Primbie have a delightful relationship with the Meeroos. As they are avid diggers and collectors of anything they perceive as extraordinary, they have found a kindred spirit in the Primbie Bird whom shares their great enthusiasm. I haven't the heart to tell any of them when it's merely a broken toothbrush washed ashore. One would think from the ruckus it was the Holy Grail! I notice the Primbies following the Meeroos, eagerly awaiting their next great discovery and making sure they alert me - and whatever else inhabits this mysterious island - of the results! They are tremendous fun to watch."

Well, it just so happens the preservation society from abroad would like to reunite the Primbie Birds with their old Meeroo friends. A ship bringing them across the Pacific is due to arrive any day.

Primbie will keep a close eye on your Meeroos and alert you when they discover a treasure.

These beautifully colored birds, once set down, will hop to the nearest Meeroo home (No matter what kind it is!) and perch itself upon it where it will resume it's watchful duties.

It will hop down and hop quickly over to a treasure and celebrate when one is discovered. Once exhausted from it's festivity, it will return to a nearby home to continue on with it's surveying duties.

In the coming days, you can get your own Primbie Bird from either of our two main locations.

You can provide it multiple instructions on how to behave, including the range and volume of their voice (Because the Anthropologist wasn't kidding. They get REALLY excited!)

Regardless of the type of home you have, the Primbie will live there, along with your Meeroos.

The Primbie will not occupy a a slot of your stumps capacity. It lives on the top of it!

More coming very soon!