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The Roadmap

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Many of you frequent readers already know about initial things coming soon, such as the Primbie Bird and the highly anticipated Mee-Pet option. I wanted to spend some time with you this morning to discuss some other plans on our roadmap so that you know the direction the game is headed in. We will see new editions and improvements coming to World Of Meeroos and internally we have a roadmap of milestones.
I always hated it when a company eludes to something but keeps it a secret. I understand the necessity of this now more so than before it's not to be pretentious, but instead to be honest. We're terrible with providing dates, I know, but it's always touch and go when adding something to our complex system. One bug can set us back a week, and while we bear that frustration of delays, we don't want you to as well. If we ever appear ambiguous on a date, remember it's not because we want to withhold, it's because we don't know what trials to anticipate before we can say with confidance it is done. This has been the story of the Mee-Pet which initially we wanted out much sooner. Time and technology had other plans. Of course anything we integrate into the game must fit the lore as well, as we have a story to adhere too, as in the case of the Primbie bird. The Primbie marks only the first of many optional editions to your game that we have planned.

There is also our first full World of Meeroos expansion in October. This expansion explores the meeroos history and their origins and is very content heavy. Called simply "Chapter Two" a player can witness our evolution visually by keeping an eye out on the Roo region where our store is located. These events over time will expound upon the story and segue us directly into the expansion.

There are still many more species currently that have not been discovered as we have only been out for just under two months. The game is still in its infancy, progression wise.

We will be raising the level cap very soon, and introducing the regard store as well. To obtain items from the regard store, you will have to have reached a specific personal regard level or fellowship regard level. Some items will have a low regard requirement, others will have a higher requirement.

The meeroos will also introduce players to their own alphabet, which you will be able to learn to reveal certain secrets of the meeroo-kind. You can see some examples of this on our recently released statues and around the stone archway of our store entrances. Those aren't mere symbols... the actually have meaning. You will discover that soon!