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Status of the game!

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Buckle in friends, I have lots to report this morning! I'd like to begin by thanking all of you who have cared enough to share with us your thoughts, concerns, experiences and suggestions both here on the blog and on the forums. You are indeed helping shape the game, and as stated from day one, we're always listening... especially to those of you who leave constructive critical feedback!

Now onto the good stuff.

All genetic mutations have stopped appearing from starters. That's right, Dawnara and Levio Meeroo can no longer give a nest that deviated beyond the very surface of their own genes, putting an end to their recessive genes manifesting in the form of a starter nest. We understand that for you focused breeders this was discouraging to see, and we apologize. We did not anticipate the volume of starts being born, or the lottery play style that ensued. We have watched the numbers, we have listened to your concerns and we have stopped this from occurring further. Thank you guys for all the input!

The Mee-Pet is complete an will be available on Friday for those interested. It's incredibly awesome. You'll need to buy a honey dipper to enchant your meeroo and transform it into a pet. The honey dipper is $L 999 and works on one meeroo. That meeroo will then be a lifelong pet that will never run away due to starvation, nor will it cost you anything to feed ever again. After enchanting a meeroo with a honey dipper, it cannot be un-enchanted, so use this with caution!

An ancient instrument has been found that will summon back any meeroo that has starved and run away to the wild. The Whistle Of Return is a wind flute like instrument that, when played, can be used to call back one Meeroo. The Whistle of Return is $L 350.

The first Regard Store items will be available also this weekend, and is a Seasons Calendar. This kiosk will transition slowly over time, as the days pass, to signify which Meeroos are in which seasonal state to help you streamline and optimize your breeding efforts. It uses the location of constellations and their movement in the atmosphere and changes accordingly to reflect which personalities are in Season! To obtain the Season calender, you will have to be level 5 or over to be able to purchase it from the regard store. To unlock the purchase of the Primbie Bird, you will have to have achieved level 10. Also, new relic statues have been unearthed by Archaeologists, this time in Egypt, and those will be available next month as regard items.There are many more regard items in store for you soon, including new homes and tools for your Meeroos.

For those of you who deal in the Secondary Marketplace, The Nest Watcher will also be arriving soon, which is an item you can place next to a nest for sale that will IM you when it has sold. It allows you an expanded text field and you also have the ability to have it email you. This will help you businesspeople keep track of your sales. The Nest Watcher is a menu driven item that comes prepacked with 9 different designs to fit any aesthetic you choose.

We expect to have these in the store for you on Friday.

Finally, A Message:

The winds of change can be felt across the continents, often unheeded by modern man. With all of the recent revelations, along with them seems to have come a great disturbance as the earth itself seems to tremble beneath our feet and chasms appear across great stretches of soil. Our busy ears have fallen deaf to the whispering of nature, be it blessings of the season or warnings of things to come. Perhaps this is why, quietly and fleet-footed, we suspect a messenger is on it's way.

Stay Tuned.