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hey gang, i see a lot of questions people are asking over and over, so let me try to quickly clear up somethings for you! (More...)

buying based on regard? it's actually going to be based on your level. it won't reduce your regard/levels, just a minimum requirement to be met. expect more things around this concept in the future.

mee-pets? they want to eat free honey, they don't HAVE to. they will get hungry and their comfort will drop if not fed, but they will NEVER run away from hunger. you can still pet them and hold them, no breeding or digging. yes you will gain their regard as if you had released them. they may get deleted due to asset server mixups and of course will always be replaced for free. they will always rely on our servers to a degree.

new oracle questions? these are still coming, i know, i know..

older starter nests? if you have a nest, it should be obvious their genetics were already set because they show in the hover text. if they are still in your older chests, they will not pop out rares, the genes are set in stone at the moment the nest comes out of the chest. if it were me, i would buy any existing nest over a new starter pack from our store. the lower the ID number the better because we've reduced the amount of rares popping out of starters several times since release. to be clear, this chance is now 0%

breeding rares? if you missed it in previous posts, your chances to pull out rare traits from breeding have been increased several times since release, but this is done in VERY tiny increments to ensure we don't accidentally disrupt the landscape. we want your koi's to be rare, but not so impossibly rare only a few dozen players ever get one.

whistle of return? the whistle will only bring back starved meeroo. ones that you manually released and collected regard for can not be brought back.

a future update? i had to get things like the Mee-Pet and the whistle we had already promised out first, and wanted to make sure we had gotten all the feedback and bugs documented so we can figure out just what all can/cant be squeezed into an update. if you hadn't noticed by now most of the meeroo's code base is actually on our servers, not in the SL scripts, which have had continual updates/tweaks/fixes over the last two months. effectively you have been getting updates all along, just not to the scripts. current plans are to do a scripting update before the october chapter.

why did you make all this other stuff instead of giving us X? some of the new 'accessory' items coming out were not scripted by me, they were done by 3rd parties. however, i personally review every line of the scripts before they go into our products to ensure they meet our strict quality requirements and low script times our products have become known for.

new traits? we have tons of new species/coats/etc waiting in the wings if needed, but i'm starting to see people say there's enough out already. let us know what you think, bring em on or chill out?

and everyone's favorite question what does regard do? bottom line: it helps in your breeding efforts. however, it is more of a nudge in popping out coveted traits, not a sledgehammer. i believe some people have an unrealistic expectation that since they hit the level cap, every roo should start showing rare traits. if you stop to think about it, this cannot be or nothing would stay rare long enough for the market to benefit. we have many players at the level cap already, and you don't want them to all dominate the market. please keep in mind, it's also just one nudging factor along with the parent's regard, and a few other things. most importantly of all, no matter how much regard you have, it's no substitute for the genetics. if both parents don't have the rare/hidden genes to start with, your chance to pull them out is going to be zero!