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The Auto Petter

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We've been made aware of an Auto Petter currently on the marketplace created by a resident. While amazingly creative residents have made companion tools for the Meeroos in the past, the recently released Auto Petter is the first one that has broken our Terms of Service to achieve it's function. Unfortunately, for the object to have been created, our Official Meeroo HUD had to be disassembled and the scripts removed and repurposed entirely in a new object.

This is an item that is clearly out of bounds, created in an unethical manner. There was NO THIRD PARTY TOOL used, they used in world permission settings to gain access to the material, removing the scripts (That still show Levio as the creator) and input them into their own object(s) to sell.

We had some parts of our code that allowed for the auto-petting feature as it was a project we had been developing and testing as a Regard Store item. Because of recent developments, we're making some changes that will effectively prohibit the third party Auto Petters from working.

The creator had originally agreed to suspend all sales of this auto petter, which violates our terms of service, as tampering or disassembling any asset in the Meeroos game, HUD, home, or Meeroo is prohibited. Repurposing our scripts to perform any action that is not intended within game mechanics is prohibited. Removing and redistributing scripts with Levios name on them, amended or in tact, is prohibited.

Then, they notified us they would continue selling it, even with Levio's name attached, despite us possessing intellectual property over the scripts and them bearing Levio's name as creator whether we liked it or not.

On behalf of all of us here, we apologize for this. Despite our insistence that they suspend all sales of this content, as it is being sold and distributed unlawfully, and potentially misleading people to believe we are responsible for it's functionality or lack thereof, they opted to continue selling it.

Please note: Although this object contains scripts that state Levio is the creator, we cannot be held responsible for it's performance or the risks a user takes by activating it. We have never reviewed the other scripts within the object that we did not create, and we cannot tell you what they contain. If you purchased this object, you are not in any trouble. You will not be banned or suffer repercussion from us. You have every right to seek recompense for the item, as it will soon cease to work, but we are not libel for any of the other parties refusal to compensate you for selling you stolen goods.

Again We are not responsible for whatever content it contains, beyond it's visible function. We cannot attest to it's safety (i.e. we do not know if it possesses any kind of data harvesting information or loggers) and, I'll state again, we cannot be held responsible for the consequences of using it, should any arise.

The creators opted not to cooperate with the request to remove the item, therefore we have to move forward more firmly and diligently to prevent things like this from happening to our community in the future.