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Meeroo to MeePet Transformation must know!

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EDIT: The meepet was designed to work like this, It will always only work if the meeroo is on a home owned by its owner. The instructions have been added in a box next to the Mee-Pet Honey Dipper.

Currently the MeePet Transformation will only work if your Meeroo is attached to a stump you own. This is due to the fact that a Meeroo home owned by another user can not (recreate) rez your Meeroo. The same as how us CSRs can only return a lost Meeroo to only your Meeroo home.

So if you want to transform a Meeroo to a Meepet please take your Meeroo to a Meeroo home that you own before you do this. If you have already used your Meepet transformation Honey Dipper do not fear, you do NOT have to buy another one, Just take your Meeroo to a Meeroo home that you own, rez it next to your home, wait for the Meeroo to attach to it then use the REBUILD option via the hud and it will come back as a Meepet.

If you have any further issues with your MeePet transformation please file a ticket for a CSR to assist you.

I will create a note card with these instructions and place it next to the MeePet transformation boxes on both Sims.

We apologize for this slight overlook.