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A busy weekend for me! Read after the break...

Most importantly I got all the scripting finished for being able to put meeroos, food dishes, and the tree stumps in/out of fellowship mode. All these items will interact with other people's items in your fellowship if their items are also put into fellowship mode. I'm sure there's going to be some interesting bugs pop out this week! :-D

Different food types are now properly supported as I tracked down a number of issues where it wasn't be handled correctly.

Fix to when certain animations were played so they don't overlap in high lag conditions.

Fixed some object permission problems and updated all the scripts accordingly. These should finally be set in stone.

Added means for the database to track the date a meeroo was released and fixed the scripts to properly assign this.

First pass made at 'market mode' where a homeless meeroo will sit idly, but already see some problems with it, so I'll be tweaking this later in the week. Occasionally the poor lil things flip out. And I mean literally, as in they spin completely upside down. Oo

The encryption upgrades from last week had some unintended consequences in the birthing process that were causing database errors. Fixed!

Birthing in high lag situations would sometimes result in a double birth. Ooops!

Occasionally in high lag a meeroo would not be able to find it's food to eat. This was fixed by converting the food script from LSL to Mono, although as to exactly why this fixed the issue has me completely baffled. I was trying to use less script memory for everyone, but no good deed goes unpunished...

Finished upgrading the custom animation system, so meeroo can have individualized animations, but just what all we have in store for you, I can't reveal yet! ;-)