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Please Beware of Misrepresentations

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Recently, I've received multiple complaints from members of our community who have been contacted by individuals claiming they are Owners or Managers of Wonderful World Of Meeroos and/or Malevay Studios. These individuals are offering access to Closed Beta in return for money or goods... (more)

While each member of our team has the common goal to create a fun, unifying experience within the community and platform we chose to create in, circumstances like this are bound to arise now and then. Since you are our priority, we feel we have a responsibility in instances like this to maintain transparency and inform you so that you do not become a victim.

No member of our staff will ever, under any circumstances, offer closed beta access in return for money or goods. We are a small company but we pride ourselves on our professionalism and conduct. We have had upwards of a hundred requests from individuals asking to be a participant in Closed Beta - which has not begun - and we have remained married to our policies from the onset. No one has been given Veteran Status after the closing date, which was December 25th. This is, at times, difficult, because so many of you are incredible assets to the Meeroos community. You are helpful, courteous to fellow participants, and have been vastly generous with your feedback. However, we believe in fairness to our community, and making allowances for some and not for others would be a breach of our ethics that we are committed to maintaining.

This is a good time for us to clarify how you can identify a real Meeroos staff member, should the need arise:

1. Check the group members listing via Group Information > Members > Roles - see if the individuals name is listed in a staff role, their name will appear more prominently in bold lettering.

2. Support staff will be indicated by, not only a group tag, but a Meeroo Uniform that is unavailable to the public. This will help in providing members of the community a visual cue when discerning an authentic staff member from an impostor.

3. A Meeroos Staff member will never ask you for personal details such relevant to your real life. Never disclose your real life bank, credit or identity details.

4. A Meeroos Staff member will never ask you for information unrelated to the World Of Meeroos product. This includes your Second Life Username or Password or alternate account names.

5. Never accept items/objects from an individual representing themselves as Meeroo Staff *ESPECIALLY* if an item asks you to grant permission to debit or otherwise access your Linden Account Balance.

I urge you to only accept Meeroo related content from us, directly. Never from a third party you aren't familiar with.

If you experience any of the above scenarios, find yourself confronted by an individual claiming to represent Meeroos or acting on the authority of Malevay Studios, please do your due diligence. If you discover that you are dealing with an individual or situation where misrepresentation is present, please let me know immediately and then directly file a report with Linden Lab.

We want to ensure you all enjoy a safe, friendly environment, and we will do our very best to preserve that!

Have a good day!