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Many thanks to Chim for the kind words in her last blog. This teams is just a blast to work with, that's for sure! My last few days after the break...

Fixed so the meeroo's size is properly coordinated thru each of the scripts.

Fixed so the timing variables of one of the mini games is all controlled thru the server, so we can tweak without causing objects needing an update.

Tweaked how the objects from the mini game rezz into the world to be more visible.

Fixed multiple bugs in owner referral system, grrrr.

Fixed breeder's "box" in how it hands out certain items and included the HUD in each one.

Fixed on_rez to include an additional security check when birthing a nest.

Fixed an issue with meeroo attaching to their home, but there's still a bigger issue left. /sigh

Fixed where a brand new meeroos name shows up as "nest #xxxx" in HUD

Fixed an uuid mismatch between DB and script on rezz

There was an error if you tried to release a meeroo immediately after it's birth.

Changed to show version # in hover text

Finally found and fixed a bug where meeroo would shrink back to baby sized when picked up and dropped.

Added an internal variable to control what we’re searching for because meeroo got confused between home & food in high lag. Oooopsy.