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Valentine's Day Alpha Update

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We'd like to wish each of you a happy Valentines day! We've been making so many advancements over the past month in The Wonderful World Of Meeroos, and our Alpha test has been incredibly successful so far... (more)

Tiger has gleaned volumes of useful information from a small sect of testers who have been working diligently to break them by any means possible! Chim's elbow has been well greased with the creation of so many new art assets. It's so important for us to stop a moment to appreciate the work of Chimeric, who has been the sole artist of the entire team and has worked nights and weekends for many months to bring the World Of Meeroos to life in the most magical way. Everything you will see is a direct result of Chimeric's immeasurable artistic talent. THANK YOU CHIM!

Alpha has been a test of the basic functionality. I encourage you all to remember that the term "Basic" is used loosely here, as each feature independently has a baseline functionality. Since the Meeroo's world reaches far beyond just the act of breeding, that means there have been many more element for Tiger (Scripter extraordinaire) to debug. I see the Meeroo's world as being a layered experience with many different experiences, all reliant on one another in one way or another. Tiger's task has been a massive one, to say the very least!

Over the past week, I have had an opportunity to visit some of the regions some of you have dedicated to the Meeroos and sent me landmarks to. It was incredibly exciting to see all the unique displays and environments you've created! Thank you for sharing them with me. While some of you have been very responsible with how you've represented your efforts, I am going to just set aside a mere moment to ask for your consideration and courtesy with the official Meeroos logo. The Meeroos logo was not created by a pre-made font or anything of the sort, it was designed wholly and completely for the Meeroos Brand. That said, we can't allow everyone to use it - not because we want to be difficult - but because we want to protect you as much as we can. The Meeroos logo is your way of identifying our official material. It would be much more challenging for our users to determine authenticity if it were freely available to everyone. Since we have seen instances of misrepresentation and less considerate users trying to exploit others, that makes the necessity of reserve even more critical. We love that you display pictures, posters and the material we give you! That's not an issue: But if you're using the Meeroo's Logo singularly (i.e. Not on one of our photos) - which was not distributed, please find an alternative. Thank you so much for your attention to this matter. We want to avoid any misunderstandings or instances of miscommunication.

Now, onto better things! Our Alpha testers have reported incredible things to the team... probably the most fun is that the Meeroos have caused sudden bursts of singing aloud. Why? You'll find out soon!

Enjoy your day!