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The Closing Of The Year

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It's hard to believe that is has only been about 8 months since the launch of Meeroos, and well beyond a year since diving headfirst into development. Some say time seems to go faster the older you get, and I understand what they mean now! Our collective adventure with Meeroos is still very young, but it feels like they've been part of our lives here at Malevay forever.

And in many ways, we feel the same about each other, now. Recently, many present and past Malevay staff had the opportunity to meet, break bread and share a hug in real life. Although only for a short three days, it was unforgettable event, and a first for all of us as we'd never met in the first life context before! However, one would have thought we'd been dear friends all of our lives. Those three days were pure magic. We enter 2012 blessed for having shared this journey with each other and with the promise to get together again very soon. I would post pictures here for all of you, but there were many of us and to respect privacy (Not everyone wants their pics on the net! Including spouses!) I'm afraid my words will have to draw them for you, a poor substitution but the best we can do!

2012 also holds so much incredibly promise for Meeroos and their parents. We have been working diligently towards ensuring a bright future for the little critters. As the New Year for many represents a new beginning or a reinvigorating, we will see the same with Meeroos with the upcoming introduction of The Nocturnals. This exciting expansion of the Meeroo World introduces us to unique Meeroos from deep, exotic and cavernous areas that have adapted and evolved in bizarre ways because of The Dark. The Nocturnals will compliment every part of the current Meeroos game, which is still seeing growth with recent genetics updates. We're seeing both new common types of Meeroos being revealed and some new Rare ones as well, which is very exciting! We've also seen some fun new collectibles being unearthed by our Meeroos.

Much to Meeroos chagrin, we've come up with the notion of costumes for events and holidays. They're still not happy with us, and there has been a great deal of protest, especially from the aggressive ones who didn't think it was as cute as we did, being a bunny on Halloween. (Sorry!) Because we humans enjoy seeing small critters dressed in cute costumes, you can bet there will be more of these limited edition items into 2012!

And we also know many of you enjoy the Lore, of which will also be expanding in January as we learn more about the world we've been invited into, the history of our new found Mee-Friends, their allies and their... enemies! There are many exciting revelations to come and a lot more places to go as Meeroos moves into it's new year.

And of course the question on everyone's mind is "When!?" And I have been told I can say "The first part" of 2012. I know that seems daunting and super ambiguous, but along with the billions of other valuable lessons we've learned over the last 8 months, we know that estimations, even cautiously optimistic ones, rarely hit the bullseye. Our fortune cookies have proved to be cracked, so we'd rather err on the side of safety whenever we can so we don't disappoint anyone. Having seen the amazing work done by this team, I can tell you it is positively brilliant. The new elements coming into play have me really thrilled and I cannot wait for you to see it.

We're excited to be entering the new year of 2012 with all of you, our players and our friends, whose input and feedback has helped guide and inspire us. Thank you for sharing your stories, your experiences and exploring this Meeroo territory along with us. Great things await us...

As long as those Mayans were wrong.