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Say Hello to our new Community Manager, Yukio Kytori!

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Yukio Kytori has been promoted from her customer service representative role to Community Representative. Having joined our family shortly after release, Yukio quickly became a beloved figure in our community, whose enthusiasm and kindness was something our customers would write me about often in praise.

I must admit, we have been a little inconsistent with maintaining an active presence on the forums due to our rigorous schedule. Yukio will now be here to address your questions, when possible and participate in active topics; She will also maintain an in-world presence and speak with customers directly from within the platform and plans to visit some of you when the opportunity allows just to see how your experiences are unfolding. She will also be relaying your feedback to the core team members as well as providing you with more reliable and regular updates on the status of things whenever possible.

I'm sure Yukio will be as much a welcome sight for you as she is for us! Make sure you say hello to her when you see her around!