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My Oh My, Something that Flies?

Catherine's picture

Strangely enough, the researchers from the preservation society that took our recent Nocturnal Meeroo photograph captured something unique and quite bizarre in the background! Some of you noticed? We sure did, and are correlating some information for you to consider as we investigate this anomaly.

I hope you are having a good weekend, Meeroo carers! The wheels are spinning at full speed here with us. You've waited a long time for this and I am genuinely proud to tell you that everything you are about to experience with this expansion has been worth the wait...

We apologize for not touching base with you more often over these months of development, but our heads were deep in thought, our hands were deep in work and our mission was clear. Do it bigger. Do it better.

We have learned a lot over the past year and it is my belief that you will see evidence of this all over this upcoming release, which is brimming with new content!

Enjoy the beautiful spring days, because some curious creatures are beginning to stir within the darkness.