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Starters Nerfed (Again)

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Catherine posted about a bunch of changes made last week, but she left out one important change. Starters were changed to include fewer rare traits. However, it was still taking the player's regard into account when generating the starter so high level players were still pulling a rare trait from a starter in rare instances. Of course, when this did happen they made sure the entire world knew about it, upsetting the rest of the player base. (More...)

We wanted buying starters to be something fun, where you at least had a chance at something out of the ordinary, but it sort of became a game within the game of buying starters to pull rares instead of breeding, which was never the intention. We will keep an eye on the number of rares introduced into the market in this fashion and continue to reduce them as needed.

While it is still technically possible to pull rare traits from a starter, is has been drastically reduced twice now. Please consider purchasing from the secondary market before playing the lottery by buying starter Meeroos.