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Information on Meeroos: The Second Chapter

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For a very long time we've reported to you bits of information regarding the expansion to the Wonderful World of Meeroos game. I wanted to report some changes.

For Halloween, I'm going to be a Donkey! Because, as many of you know, I've made announcements in the past only to have something change unexpectedly or alter directions in the interim and after the statements were made - and I end up looking like a misleading old mare. Communication is absolutely key in our community and you need to hear from us often and our messages need to contain reliable information. If it doesn't seem like we've been as forthcoming as we had once been with information, it's because, regardless of how excited we are, from now I need it to be in front of me before I can tell you about it, how it works, what it does, or what you can expect - and that no changes or functions (added or removed) are going to surprise or disappoint you, or me! I know , first hand, how infuriating it is to be told one thing only to find that at it isn't want was expected on delivery. I've been on both sides now - I've been the customer going "This isn't what we were told" and I've been the provider having to eat crow, humbly, and I don't want to be accused of delivering you what some have dubbed "Lies," despite the best of intentions. That's something I've been committed to fixing, because those aren't arrows that are easy for anyone to endure!

So, regarding the expansion, the bad news we're pushing them back. They won't be arriving on October 31st as I had anticipated. It's what we wanted, it's what we expected, it's a goal we genuinely wanted to reach, but so much has occurred between development and now, that we're too far behind to reach that release date. I'm disappointed, absolutely, and I know you will be too, but it's a necessary decision so that we can provide you the experience that you deserve. We don't want to rush only to find something isn't going to work like we thought it would at the 11th hour (Singing Stones!) and risk disappointing you on delivery. You deserve much better than that. As sad as it is for us to push it back, be assured that it's for the better.

That said, new genetics are being introduced. You will NOT have to buy new starter packs. These will come from your current Meeroos. Also, we're retiring some meeroos. These are being removed from Starter Kits. I will announce what they are in the coming days.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. At this time, I cannot provide you a specific date on the Chapter 2 expansion, or I risk the possibility of having to backpeddle again, and once is embarrassing enough!

When concrete information is available you'll be the first to know.

Finally, stay tuned for information on our first Contest that will reward an exclusive Blacklight Skeleton coat to 5 winners of this contest. Another contest closer to Halloween will rewards 5 more Blacklight skeleton paint kits. These 10 exclusive Blacklight Skeleton paint kits are all that will ever exist. Good luck!