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A Halloween Photo Contest for You & Roo!

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We recently announced a special Halloween Blacklight coat that would be extremely rare (10!) and available only to the winner of our Halloween flavored contests!

Well, here's your first chance. The Meeroos Spooktacular Halloween photo contest starts - NOW!

Take a photo of your Meeroos in the most fabulously frightening or funny Halloween scene and send it over to us! Five winners will receive the Blacklight Skeleton Costume Kit.

Here's the info you need to know!

Contest ends Friday, October 21st at Midnight.

All content must be G-Rated! This means no nudity, sexually explicit content, content that contains or infers hate or bigoted messages, no violence or gore. Must be appropriate for all ages!

Photos CAN be manipulated or photoshopped but must not contain copywritten or trademarked material such as real life products or logos.

One entry per person - in the event of multiple entries, only the first entry will be considered.

The image must be full permissions and in the form of a texture or snapshot. Do not put it on a prim.

You DO NOT need to purchase a Meeroo Halloween costume or content to enter. Preference will NOT be given to those that have.

The image must have a Meeroo in the image to be considered.

Title the image with your name.

Send your image to MeeroosContest Resident

Winner will be announced on Monday, October 24th!

Good luck and have fun!