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Trunk delivery suspended for tonight!

Allatu Augustus's picture

We're going to let another large batch of trunks build up and resume sending again sometime throughout Tuesday May 3.

our initial findings are an error in the DB firewall which felt the server was under a DoS attack and started refusing requests, so we'll need time to address this issue.

It was a great test, we had way less issues then the first round at the start of beta, at least up until the firewall got grumpy lol.

We apologize for the inconvenience and the delay we know you all want your Meeroos as badly as we want you to have them.

To get everyone up to date there was a notice sent out with a New hud attached In both groups so please check the group notices tab and look for New HUD V0.90 sent on 5/2/2011 in order to prepare for when the firewall has been fixed and the Delivery System is turned back on.

Thanks all for being so patient