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I have a code from the Oracle, now what do I do?

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Congratulations! This next step is required to link up your Wonderful World of Meeroos account inside Second Life to your forum account on this web site.

For this reason, do NOT give your code from the Oracle to anyone else!!! Even if they say they are Official Meeroos Staff.. we already know what your code is, so we don't need it.

Find the link at the top of this page called "My Account" and click that. In the middle of the page you should see an Edit button to make changes to your account info. Click that, and there should be another tab that appears under it called "Meeroos".

Click the Meeroos tab and you will see a field called "Secret User Link Code" Copy and paste your code here and press the Save button.

This will grant you access to the Premium Portions of the Website.

If you have any questions/comments about these instructions, please contact a CSR in world for help.