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7 Stones have risen

Our dryad meeroos have brought some enchantment with them. They have aligned themselves at the four points of the compass and 7 great rune etched stones have appeared from deep underground. Each stone is unique and encrusted with differnt color gems, and when you tap them, the seem to make individual sounds. We're going to need your help understanding this puzzle, friends, but it is critical we do so to understand their message. This week, we'll be sending each of you these stones. But they must be rezzed in the company of your dryads in order to work properly.

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A quick update!

Well, the dryads are here and we're hard at work piecing together their parchment for deciphering. We'll need your help! Keep warching this week for the first of the puzzles these meeroos are sure to present us!

The Dryads will arrive at 9pm SLT (PST) Midnight EST

There will be more than one location for the vendor. We will annouce the second location when we re-open.

The delivery is random. You are not guaranteed any specific Meeroo when purchasing. You can try more than one if you do not get what you wanted or trade with friends!

They will be available through September 20th and then gone forever.

***IMPORTANT*** Upon purchase you will be delivered a WHITE PILLAR that appears empty. It's Not! This pillar says:


The trembling of the Earth grew still. A quiet fell, unsettling, like the dawn after a violent storm. The Second Great War Imzareen had ended. The surviving Men, now too few in numbers, had retreated back to their homelands. The battlegrounds upon which battles were fought was now scarred and burning- it would for years after.

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Tickets & Wait Time!

Some of our customers have been waiting a long time to have their tickets responded to, and this is never any good! We try hard to have a reasonable turn around when it comes to tickets, but the last database outage caused sent the numbers of people waiting into the stratosphere!

Come and join our family! Malevay Studios is currently accepting resumes for the following roles:

Must have minimum 5 years experience in programming. Knowledge of Mysql, php required. Must have evident work history in programming and development. Facebook development experience a plus. Candidates should be able to meet prespecified deliverable dates, work well in a team based environment and have great communication skills. Please provide samples of work and references with resume to (at)


The Server will be going down today for maintenance and optimization.

*Do not worry, your Meeroos will be just fine during this period. They will not starve or run away or lose any part of their season.

*During this time, it is best to refrain from any releasing nests or Meeroos or birthing nests.

*To avoid any lost or misdirected content, please also refrain from picking up meeroos to hold them, taking them into inventory, or rezzing them from your inventory.

We will announce when the server has returned.

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An update on Meeroos

We're still working toget everything back to normal. As of 1:00am we habe made it through 500 tickets, many a result of our outage. Sadly the trouble started while we were sleeping, of course! However, once we discovered the issue, Levio was able to resolve it quickly. There are some residual errors you might see as we optimize things, but any disruptions should be minimal and you should continue playing the game normally. If anything should happen, you have nothing to fear, we always replace content adversely affected by these issues without question.

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Moving Forward!

It's been quite a weekend here, for all of us at Malevay Studios and our wonderful community around Meeroos. We know this has been a challenging time that has been both frustrating and often discouraging, but I am pleased that we have weathered this storm and have arrived on the other side. Linden Lab and Malevay Studios have been working together to remove fraudulent content from the grid in order to restore confidence to Meeroo Parents. As always, you are our number one priority, and with Linden Lab we have taken the required steps to reduce the threats that have been plaguing us.


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