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Forum Policy - Please Read

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Please respect others ideas and thoughts.

We want you to have fun on our forums, we also want you to be able to find information, share information and generally find the forums a useful resource as well as a productive place to be.

We need to have a few house rules that you adhere to. By posting on our forums you agree to:

- Behave in a manner with which you would hope to be treated online, in any Virtual environment and even in real life. If you wouldn't say something to someone's face - you can't say it here!

- Not post disruptive, libelous, egregious or defamatory statements about services or people. In other words you must at all times be nice - it's ok to disagree but you must do it in an adult manner. You mustn't say bad things about other companies or businesses. We welcome constructive criticism, and will always listen to your concerns.

-Adhere to instructions from staff members. We ask that you take instructions from forum moderators or other staff members in good faith and comply with their instructions. We aren't going to tell you to stand on your head and count to 100, but we will always act with your best interests at heart, so please do as we ask :)

- Not bully harass, insult any other member of the forum - bullying can take a lot of forms - so we ask that you do not post anything that is racist, sexist, ageist or take part in any form of religious or avatarist hate. We welcome all lifeforms here - and so should you.

-Do not link to any malicious or potentially malicious websites, talk about any illegal activities, or mention anything that may harm any product of Malevay Studios, or any of it's staff in any form whatsoever. This means if you think it's even a little suspect - do NOT post it. If you have questions about an issue with any product, please take a moment to contact a member of the Customer Support Team in private first and they can advise you as to whether it is appropriate.

-Do not create posts that Advertise the sell of Meeroos or Auction houses or market places for the Secondary Breeding Market.

-Do not post any chat logs or identifying information about any player, Second Life user, or forum member. Everyone is entitled to their privacy.

- Have fun and do not take part in drama or disruptive behavior in the forum.

- Multiple Violations of these Forum Rules will result in the lost of privilege to use not only these forums but also the website. (in other words, if you break the forum rules multiple times you will be banned from the website.)

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