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A place to discuss the genetics of meeroos.

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Hello everyone,
I'm looking for a "team" of good breeders to work with. I don't mind fellowship, you can stay in your own =).

I'm just looking for 3-4 breeders to share experiments about genes trying to find together new coats. Obviously everyone will keep own meeroos.

Would be interesting to talk about genes. I use to blog about genes so breeders will have the opportunity to blog too if they want.

Probably the right point of view about this "team" will be: friends who study meeroos genes and make together a plan to try to get new coats.

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After a while I'm back on SL with a new account, I've restarted with Meeroos and I have my new "army". I've blogged about Roos since a long long time, I think is time to stop working on traits and start work on coats.

I've found the market gone down and the breeders stopped breeding in-line with the help of the chart... Oh well, you can read about it on my last post:

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In recent posts I've commented that the recent wide-spread discovery of Lotus indicates something changed which caused too many to discover the trait too soon.

Others have commented upon the need for 'rare' to remain 'rare'.

I thought it might help to examine what, if any, effect delayed discovery might have upon populations.

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akumaspkplayer's picture

New Bengal

yet no new welsh yet lol poor welsh

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New coats....

So does anyone have any news or ideas about the new coats we're supposed to discover? What combinations have you guys tried? I've been trying every coat combo in the book, and haven't come up with anything new or interesting. Let me know what you guys think.

~Spyke Lesse in-game~

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LDE/Sunfire woot

Shitty past few weeks in sl and rl but this made my day lol

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When was meeroos pairs, how a male a female or it is a male to a female, bigamous or not? because in a house the right to 8 meeroos, so the question, 1 male for 7 female and 4 male for 4 female, please tell me

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New to this addiction called Meeroos! Love them!!! I am gaining several different breeds and coats from my nests. can any one tell me what the rarer traits are and what I should look for. I also would like to know how to go about selling my nests. :) thanks in advance for all your input xoxo

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Hey everyone i am new to meeroos and was wondering if there is a chart or something that tell you which are rare and which are common? or if anyone could simply tell me


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