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Your Questions

This is a place for the community to ask questions. We will read these once a week and respond in the FAQ Answers Thread that only staff can post in but everyone can read.

We want you to have fun on our forums, we also want you to be able to find information, share information and generally find the forums a useful resource as well as a productive place to be.

We need to have a few house rules that you adhere to. By posting on our forums you agree to:

- Behave in a manner with which you would hope to be treated online, in any Virtual environment and even in real life. If you wouldn't say something to someone's face - you can't say it here!

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very nice touch :)

Congratulations! You found a Rezz Day Cake Slice and received 2 regard points!

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geneveve felisimo's picture

fellowship name

Can i change the name of my fellowship?

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Pepsy Lane's picture

I am tired...I stop !

More than year which I play...

My roos mixs no matter how...I am tired to pay for nothing!

Ciao !

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or even 18,, 20,, 22,

or even 60

i would just love a gaint that grows for 60 days,, would be hard to take it to auction though , an i think youd need a qaurter sim never mind a stall to put it on

its an idea for extra trait though?

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Anyone have any theories on how heads come out, is it based on the generation of the roo? or is another random switch thing?
Sometimes I see a Canine head pop up from nowhere, or a feline head.. random or genetic or is it the same thing these days?

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Since another person petting your 'roo doesn't raise regard, why is the limit on a non-owner petting the 'roos in place? I have a friend who enjoys interacting with them, but feels he isn't online regularly enough to own any.

Just wondering. Thanks.

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but i cant get onto roo,, but looking at world map,, the sim diagonaly ajacent to roo is called meeroos nocturnels

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Blueridge Azalee's picture


Once you have made a Mee-Pet can you transfer the MeePet to someone else? Also, can they be released to the wild once they have been made a Mee-Pet?

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my latest,,,


bushy talied sunfire giant 14

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