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Is breeding pointless ??

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I wonder is there any point in my breeding and doing genetics research and calculations to get rare and new traits in Meeroos.

The reason is I am STILL hearing from many other breeders they have dumped all their Meeroos as they maintain rare/new traits are more common and easier to get in starter packs as opposed to getting them from breeding. I find this virtually impossible to believe but they are adamant it is the case.

I have been advised that if I insist in staying in Meeroos it is easier and cheaper to just buy lots of 6 pack starters, auction the rare ones, sell the average ones very cheaply and dump the rest into a "lucky dip" bin.

They site the benefits of this as being

1 nests need no feeding expenses,
2 nests need no prim space expenses,
3 nests need no petting time, and
4 nests need no genetics calculations

I love my Meeroos and all I want is an answer, I have been advised against asking this in the Forum as I am told the post will be removed and I may be banned from future forum posts. I do not share this view.

I have nothing against Malevay Studios, nor do I have any intention of in any way harming or discrediting Malevay Studios or their product and believe answering the following question will only assist their business.

My question to Tiger or Catherine to answer in a yes or no format is simply this -

Are rare and/or new traits are more common and easier to get in starter packs than by breeding?

I believe Malevay Studios have an obligation to their previous, current and future customers to answer this question expeditiously and honestly if only for reasons of trust, good faith and the continued success of Meeroos.

Rory Serpente

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