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Expansion Query

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Voshie Paine asks:

Expansion Query

I know it's still a month away, but I would like to have an idea of how much more of an investment would be required to progress in the game. Would it be possible to get a *ballpark* figure of what it would likely cost?

Thank you!

ANSWER: Hi Voshie! Thanks for your question. This seems like the perfect opportunity to start providing information on the October expansion.

The expansion is not an update. I need to clarify to all of our friends the difference between an expansion and an update. An update is when we continue development on the current game. We fix bugs, add features, improve stability and add some new content. The Expansion is a whole new editions of the game, everything is new, new content, new meeroos, new personalities, and new angles to the game. It's a full and complete add-on to the Meeroos game. This all still works with the core game, but expounds upon it significantly.

This is also represents a fresh start for many players. For us it is an opportunity to demonstrate what we've learned in our first 100 days on the grid. There will be no chest lottery! There will be better documentation. Many of you are now familiar enough that you'll pick up on it immediately because the basics are the same. There are pretty strong changes coming to Regard and the way it behaves and what it rewards.

These will arrive in separate starter packs, and will be priced exactly the same as the current ones. There will be no changes to the food. There will be new homes. There will be new traits.

This has been an extremely ambitious undertaking requiring a lot of time, and the recent attacks and exploits have set us back on our milestone timeline, but we're getting on our feet. We hope to make our October 31 release date but that remains to be seen.

If the expansion interests you, it would behoove you to help decipher the messengers warning message as it reveals the next movement toward revealing all.

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