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This is where we will answer questions from the Your Questions Forum. Only staff can post in here but everyone can read it.

Why, yes! Yes, there is! Please review it here!


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QUESTION from Graves;

"The Nocturnals are all new species/coats/etc and as such, will only come from new starters available from purchase from Orlex." - Tiger

Won't this result in our 2nd "Lottery"?
Lets see who can buy the most chests & those rares :) ?
I hope not, but if so I'll deffinately toss one or two hundred thousand at it & make the easy sales.

ANSWER: Hey Graves!

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Sometimes it can be a hurdle getting the SL account linked to your forum account. This linking allows you to review your Tome Unlocks and Fellowship activity, as well as keep track of your own Meeroo collectiona nd download helpful spreadsheets.

If you run into trouble linking your website account from your HUD in world, Emelie Residents, a helpful member of our community, has had this wonderful advice to those seeking assistance.

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Many have contacted us asking if there were Religious undertones to the Lore as it's been presented thus far.

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Up until recently the Wonder World of Meeroos group did indeed have open enrollment status, and for the most part it has always worked extremely well.

We adore and value our meeroo family and have found recently that many have grown upset with the constant barrage of spamming in the chat as well as those going through the list of names to send group invites.

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Xs Vyper1 asks:

Seen the video and its pretty cool. Does it mean it would be available now or is it still work in progress?


It is so great to see everyone so excited about the Nocturnals video. I've watched it numerous times all ready, and it makes me even more excited each time i watch. I also know the first question on everyone's mind is going to be.. when will we see them.

I can't give you an exact date. I can only say that as soon as i know anything, i will share it with all of you.

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ANSWER: Hey guys,

We've seen the discussions, and it's a crux.

A few of our users have reported experiencing this. Most have not, and exhibited by the threads.

We've been testing this for roughly the last week and a half, on regions running servers LeTigre, Magnum and Blue Steel. We have not witnessed any oddities in food consumption.

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Catherine's picture

Where is the new EULA?

Lynna Yorcliffe asks;

I have been wondering - what happened to the new EULA we were supposed to be getting / needed to agree to and
also wondering what happened to the new hud that was supposed to be issued at the same time.

Has that idea been shelved?

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We've seen many suggestions about the chore of petting. I wanted to give some perspective on petting once and for all.

Petting was never intended to be a job. It was never intended to be the complete and total relevance to the players. That's a bit like hard-focusing on wanting the play money from monopoly but no interest in the actual game itself where you roll dice, move a peg around a board, get bonus cards ect. Sure the monopoly money is great to have but it isn't the sole function of the game.

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Princessrose Faerye asked:

got this message,,,

[23:01] WW of Meeroos HUD V1.2: 503 - Error reaching Meeroo DB
[23:01] WW of Meeroos HUD V1.2: 503 - Error reaching Meeroo DB
[23:01] p-x : 503 - Error reaching Meeroo DB

should i be worried??

ANSWER: As far as I know, everything is okay. No more baby ready nests! Please! :D

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