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Clarification on Expansion UPDATED

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Well we stirred up a whole lot of dust from answering a question regarding the future expansion. It's premature to talk about things in tremendous detail without giving away spoilers, but there were som good questions that I can answer.

Q. You said genetics would never be nor would we have to buy new starter packs for new genetics.

ANSWER It's true! And remains true. When we update the current meeroos with new genetic possibilities, we will always do that absolutely free! The Expansion is not just an update. It introduces us to new things that cannot be inherent to current meeroos. It is impossible. We knew from the beginning what our first expansion would be, and have built our story toward that revelation. Our story is Lore driven, and we stick very closely to it. We're not in the business of selling genetics. We sell Meeroos, we sell an experience. We sell a world being built from the ground up through a story. The current Meeroos will never have to have any genetics purchased. No one will ever have to buy "genetics" from us at all. The expansion deals with an entirely new subset that did not have a relationship with your Meeroos for multiple reasons. The expansion will mark their first meeting.

This expansion is optional. We will continue to introduce new genetics for both, and the two kinds will be just fine together. You don't have to have new homes, although new options will be available! You don't have to buy the expansion starter pack at all.

Example: You Guild Wars/World of Warcraft players have heard of expansions. It doesn't destroy the core game. The core game doesn't stop evolving or cease development. New species will not cease appearing. You have the option to purchase the expansion to expand your realm, diversify your interests and your gameplay. No part of this is forced upon any player. The present content is not damaged. And all updates to the service are free.

The expansion is a huge undertaking that was planned long ago. I encourage you not to panic or expect that we will damage your experience. I promise you we haven't lied, we haven't been misleading. What information I can provide is still limited because much more would spoil plot points. We simply want to expand the world of Meeroos into Chapter 2 which we have been advertising since just after launch. This is intended to be fun, exciting and engaging, not to diminish or damage what we have invested a year developing. We have no intention of discarding anything we've created or anything you own. Please be assured, we wouldn't do that to you, we wouldn't do that to us. I'd encourage you to wait until we can provide more tangible information before passing judgement. There's still tons of content coming with the core game, and 2 months is a long way off in Meeroo-World :)

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