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This time of year, for me, has always been a time of reflection and introspect, as I'm sure it is for so many. Thanksgiving is, I understand, primarily in the United States and Canada, but the definition and purpose for it transcends geography. Being Thankful is the reason for the day; honoring the people who have contributed positively to your life, and being grateful for the blessings that have found their way to you.

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A Little bit of Change

Good afternoon Meeroo Parents!

Time has gone by so quickly over these last several months! Meeroos have gone through quite a few changes. I'm so proud of what we have created together, myself, Chimeric and Levio. The Meeroos represent an exhaustive development process and a whole new world, and new roles for the three of us to fill. It's been a vast, but welcomed challenge. I've learned so much, made many friends and have gotten the opportunity to know many of you.

We recently announced a special Halloween Blacklight coat that would be extremely rare (10!) and available only to the winner of our Halloween flavored contests!

Well, here's your first chance. The Meeroos Spooktacular Halloween photo contest starts - NOW!

Take a photo of your Meeroos in the most fabulously frightening or funny Halloween scene and send it over to us! Five winners will receive the Blacklight Skeleton Costume Kit.

Here's the info you need to know!

Contest ends Friday, October 21st at Midnight.

Many of you have sent me notecards, sent IM's and had questions regarding the status of the group and the developers of Muffins of Doom related content.

For a very long time we've reported to you bits of information regarding the expansion to the Wonderful World of Meeroos game. I wanted to report some changes.

Starting today, you will be able to purchase Seasonal Themed content for your Meeroos, including costumes and new homes. They are available at the Main Store in Roo, as well as two other locations temporarily.

Recently, we engaged the community in a discussion regarding their feelings about "Specials" and "Limited Editions." Over the last few months, from the release of the Dryads, which were effectively a playable character from our Lore that we heavily debated releasing publicly, we knew some of you have very mixed feelings.

It's that time we've been dreading! Linden Lab has been working fervently behind the scenes to improve the Second Life experience for it's users for the past week. This also means that users will see, at times, anomalous behaviors, lost content or duplicates due to the frequency of the rollbacks or restarts. Others may have trouble interacting with their Meeroos, picking them up and putting them back down again.

Exercise caution during this time. Also, stay updated regarding Linden Labs intended restarts and maintenance here:

We are so excited to see that the two millionth Meeroo has been born on the grid. This marks an enormous milestone for us here at Malevay Studios.

We've seen some bumps along the roadside, we suffered our fair share of growing pains and learned so much from each other, from our community and from our product. We're so grateful to all of you who have cared enough to share with us your thoughts and ideas, your feedback and suggestions.

We're so excited about the future as there's still so much left to reveal and explore!


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