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It's a day for Brazilian Pride, the 7th of September, as we celebrate their Independence Day!! To commemorate the Holiday, we've made this adorable green and yellow Meeroo, hugging over the star-speckled blue globe, all in the style of the Brazilian Flag!

Let this patriotic Meeroo be part of your Fiesta de 7 de Setembro, and display it year around to show your Pride!


Presente @ Roo - SETE DE SETEMBRO!

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Due to changes in staff and the lack of permissions as they're set for our current groups, we've decided to make NEW GROUPS for our community so we have better control over their use and monitoring them as we grow as a community with the release of the Nocturnals!

In celebration of Bastille Day (read below for description of the holiday) the artists have made you something special to remember the holiday. Come on down to the main center of ROO and find the vendor with your free gift.

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Got a couple of Meeroos that you want to keep forever? Want to paint them in observance with Canada Day or Freedom Day? Come on down to ROO and see what our artists have prepared for you.

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We've said forever that we have the best of the breedable communities in Second Life, and we cannot begin to express how impressed and grateful we are for your continued support! We've passed a massive milestone and couldn't be more proud!

Congratulations to : Pheendi Resident

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I did promise a blog post when we heard back from the Lindens and here it is.... they have told us it will need to be adjusted on our here we are continuing to do our testing so that we can find a solution to this issue that seems to be effecting some of the community with the breeding of the meeroos. This, i will be honest with you, is holding up some of the nocturnal process since this is our top priority.

Nocturnals are in the testing phase, and beta will follow shortly after.

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Second Life's 9th Birthday is here! Come celebrate the Spirit of Community with us! We all know that the Meeroos has the best breedables community on the grid, and we're celebrating YOU along with SL's Birthday. Showing how the Meeroos have been bringing the community together for the last year, come see our display of member-contributed photos, get your birthday balloon, and enjoy the festive event as you explore the SL9B displays!

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Come and get it! Hot off the Presses! You asked for more--and you'll get it with this edition of The Breedable Connection!

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WOW....i just came by ROO this afternoon and found a great treat put out by Moxie.

Moxie has put out Meeroos RFL White Roo Nibble FREE of charge !! Come on down to the center of ROO right in front of the Preservation Society building and get one. They are so adorable !!

thank you Moxie !!


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