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Hello everyone I hope this week’s been a good one for everyone so far and before I go on I would like to wish everyone an early happy valentine’s day.
I’ve gotten a bit done since my last blog and am still turning out visual assets for the Meeroos. I cannot go into detail about most of my doings, however I hope you’ll all like them when they’re complete.

Recently, I've received multiple complaints from members of our community who have been contacted by individuals claiming they are Owners or Managers of Wonderful World Of Meeroos and/or Malevay Studios. These individuals are offering access to Closed Beta in return for money or goods... (more)

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Dev Blog

A busy weekend for me! Read after the break...

Most importantly I got all the scripting finished for being able to put meeroos, food dishes, and the tree stumps in/out of fellowship mode. All these items will interact with other people's items in your fellowship if their items are also put into fellowship mode. I'm sure there's going to be some interesting bugs pop out this week! :-D

Different food types are now properly supported as I tracked down a number of issues where it wasn't be handled correctly.

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Dev Blog

Things knocked off the todo list after the break...

Updated most of the meeroo out there to the latest code base. One of the mini games doesn't seem to be functioning any longer. Grrrr.. I'll have to track that down tonite.

Messed with a bunch of web stuff, making sure traffic is getting routed around properly to the site and the analytics are working properly.

Fixed the HUD so it links directly to the appropriate leaderboard pages, which is really slick if I say so myself.

If you just want official meeroo notices only from the staff, there is a new group in SL called "Wonderful World of Meeroos - Silent"  This group has NO chat, so you won't get to know everyone else, but we know different strokes for different folks!

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Dev Blog

Update on what's been going on. We had a loooong team meeting where we hashed out a few new ideas on things and made sure everyone had a clear TODO list! 

Personally, I whipped up a new related web site, but needs some lovin' from the rest of the team before we can unveil that one.

Also I did a little revamping the database schema around food types to support some cool things in the future tracking what each meeroo has been nibbling on, etc.  The proper food types for each species was reviewed and fixed to match the latest spreadsheet.

Before I say anything else, I'd like to extend our most sincere gratitude to you, the community that has developed around the Meeroos, for your thoughtful words, your gracious assistance with other members just finding us, but most of all, for your enduring patience.

We have been working tirelessly to craft an experience that is unlike any other. From the inception of Meeroos, we knew that we wanted to create an entirely unique, fun, creative and social adventure.

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I've gotten two more major things off my to-do list. A list of models for one of the Meeroo games as well as a surprise addition to the Meeroos, which took several new textures.

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Closed and Open Betas

Closed Beta : The first round of Beta testers was capped on Dec 23rd when we had 150 members in the group. This is far more than we anticipated, so sorry, we don't have room to squeeze anyone else in. If you are unsure if you joined before the cutoff, check your roles in the official Second Life Wonderful World of Meeroos group. If you have the Veteran role available, you are one of the lucky few!

Open Beta : Everyone currently in the official Wonderful World of Meeroos group in Second Life will be eligible for the open beta later this Spring.

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Here we go! Finally the website has been rebuilt, please excuse the construction mess while we get the ball rolling!

It's been a blast working on everything the last few months, and I'm anxious to show the world how far we've come!



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